We're Piggin' Out in
1st Grade!!!
Here are some of our favorite foods. We are adding
to the list each time we feast on a new tasty treat, so
check back often for new, yummy recipes.
August Treats:
Pirate Ships
"All About Me" Funny Faces
"Me & My Friends"
Friendship Bracelets
September Treats:
Mixing primary colors with
Mad Maude
Mini apple pies and apple
juice for Johnny Appleseed
October Treats:
Fire Truck Treats
Pumpkin Lollipop Cookies
November Treat:
Tasty Turkey Cookies
December Treats:
January Treats:
February Treats:
Rudolph Cookies
Christmas Tree Cones
Snowman Cookies
Penguin Cookies
100th Day Breakfast
Love Potion Drink
Valentine Cupcakes
Healthy Teeth Apples
George Washington
Cherry Treats
March Treats:
Green treats for
St. Patrick's Day
Snake Cookies
Zebra Shakes
April Treats:
Insect Treats
Ladybug Treats