This Week's Spelling Words:
1. ten
2. men
3. when
4. then
5. get
6. met
7. desk
8. red
9. help
10. end
             This Week's Skills:
(and some online games for fun practice!!)
1. High-Frequency Words: get, if, ask, just, all, on, they, but, & had.
2. Ending Sounds - The last sound you hear in a word.
3. Main Idea - What the story is mostly about. 
4. First Person Point of View - Uses the words I, me, my, we, our, ours, and us to tell a story. 
5.  Problem in a story - What is wrong in the story.

This Week's Vocabulary Words:
1. neighborhood - A part of a town or a city.
2. differ - To be different or unlike something else.
3. conflict - A strong disagreement.
4. foreign - A country outside the United States.
5. access - Can reach or contact.
This Week's Math Skills:
1.  Doubles and doubles plus one:
Social Studies:  My Government
Science:  Inquiry Skills