This Week's Spelling Words:
1. hope
2. cube
3. nose
4. most
5. rope
6. ago
7. use
8. huge
9. unit
10. mule
             This Week's Skills:
(and some online games for fun practice!!)
1. High-Frequency Words: after, over, we, you, go, girl, boy, ago, & old.
2. Ending Sounds - The last sound you hear in a word.
3. Making Inferences - When you use what you already know and what you just read to draw a conclusion about what might happen next.
4. Characters - Who or what the story is about.
5.  Poem - Genre that has a rhythm or a beat, repeated phrases, and rhyming words.
6.  Writing Dates - Dates should have the month, date, and year.  Month should always be capitalized and a comma should always come after the date and before the year.  For example:  January 14, 2013 

This Week's Vocabulary Words:
1. sketched - A quick drawing of important parts.
2. compass - Shows direction.
3. symbols - A picture or letter used to mean something else.
4. arrive - To come to a place.
5. practice - To do over and over to get better.
This Week's Math Skills:
1.  Counting On or Making Ten:
Social Studies:  Christmas Holiday
Science:  Earth's Resources