This Week's Spelling Words:
1. cue
2. goat
3. boat
4. few
5. load
6. mow
7. glow
8. pew
9. hue
10. show
             This Week's Skills:
(and some online games for fun practice!!)
1. High-Frequency Words: here, pretty, could, day, way, bring, does, once, & work.
2. Sequencing - When you put things in the right order.
3. Cause & Effect - Cause is what causes something to happen.  Effect is what happens.
4. Pronouns - Words that take the place of a noun (he, she, her, it, etc.)
5.  Explanatory Text - Is real and gives you facts and information.
This Week's Vocabulary Words:
1. base - The lowest part of something, which also provides support.
2. bulb - The rounded part of some plants that is under the ground.
3. factories - A place where many products are made.
4. nutrients - A substance that plants, animals, and people need to live and grow.
5. reproduce - To make babies, young animals, or small plants.
This Week's Math Skills:
1.  Place Value (Tens and Ones):

Social Studies:  Land and Water

Science:  Matter